Characters: Jade!Eridan and Teal!Feferi.
Setting: The stone ramp connecting floors 20 and 31.
Format: Action.
Summary: BACKDATED. Eridan is nursing rather morbid thoughts, and it's up to Feferi to smack some good sense into his empty head. Or, conversely, help him put those morbid thoughts in action. You know, either's cool.
Warning: Talk of suicide, talk of gore, talk of many unpleasant things. Will add specific warnings as necessary.

well-justified my soul to carry on )

Characters: Jade!Eridan & Teal!Feferi; later Cerulean!Karkat & Red!Kanaya
Setting: Floor 25
Format: Action!
Summary: After ending up on the wrong side of Karkat's vision eightfold, Eridan absconds away and finds his moirail. Feferi is thoroughly unamused by the situation. Also known as The Beginning of the Moirail Wars.
Warnings: Feferi. Also, violence and bad things. Will update as necessary.

of every hopeful thought that I might be a lover or a fighter, that I’m not in someones spider web )
Characters: jade!Eridan ([personal profile] chronomancer ) and teal!Feferi ([personal profile] prune )
Setting: Starting on floor 3, the library.
Format: Action!
Summary: In which ex-moirails meet face to face for the first time since one them went in a crazy murderous rampage and the other gave up all hope of surviving. Fun times!
Warnings: Sadness? Definitely sadness. Also, probably violence. Though hopefully just mentions of it.

It left me caught between, and like an angry dream I was stranded )