15 April 2013 @ 07:55 am
Characters: Ryoji Mochizuki and you!
Setting: Various. Just pick a floor!
Format: Any
Summary: Ryoji begins patrolling the tower as part of his duties as a Group B drone.
Warnings: Brainwashing, body horror, and surgical modifications. Ryoji's also killing people that are disobedient and/or associated with death, so there's going to be lots of violence and murder.

Dormitory Floors )
Characters: Naoya and whomever stumbles across him. (Aside from floor 13 which is closed to close CR only.)
Setting: Floor 101 (the hanging gardens), floor 64 (the desert), floor 13 (the cathedral). Backdated slightly to before the event.
Format: Either.
Summary: Naoya is... upset, over various things. He's trying to calm himself down, but it doesn't go that well.
Warnings: Severe rage. If you catch him badly he might attack you or simply go silent. Also, only close CR should tag him on floor 13. If you don't know if your character counts, please ask me first or just PM me.

Floor 101 )

Floor 64 )

03 February 2013 @ 02:09 pm
Characters: Theodore & Open to all
Setting: Room 01-10, lower floors, location might change
Format: Going with Action first but any format is fine to me.
Summary: Theodore wakes up in the Tower for the first time and is going to explore as much as he can.
Warnings: None, will be updated should anything happen.

Room 01-10 )

Lower Floors )