10 July 2012 @ 05:04 pm
Characters: Zelgadis Greywords & you, perhaps
Setting: Room 3-06, then various places in the Tower
Format: Action
Summary: There's a new ... chimera ... in town, and he's wandering about in a (grumpy, frustrated) daze

Room 3-06 )
Third Floor library. )

The Cafeteria. )

Characters: Lina Inverse and you!
Setting: Floor 25 - The Meadow Floor. Late morning.
Format: Starting in prose, can follow if you prefer action.
Summary: After a particularly trying month, and hearing about what happened to everyone else, Lina's had enough.
Warnings: Attempted suicide/mass homicide of tower inhabitants which will fail, punishment via electric shock, and one mentally unstable Lina.

You've forced my hand... )
Characters: Demi-Fiend and Everyone (Along with a close part for the belated Crate Stuff of last week)
Setting: Various places in the tower (see below)
Format: Starting out in Prose but I will follow if you wish to do power action brackets.
Summary: Demi-Fiend wanders around the tower, trying to help out and saving others. Only problem is he looks like a demon.
Warnings: HALF DEMONS.


Floor Thirty-Four : Flight and/or supernatural powers do not work on this floor (CLOSED TO Demi-Fiend, Rin, Xehanort, Terra, Riku) )

Floor Thirty : NIGHTTIME 24/7 Floor )

Floor Twenty-Five: Meadow )

Floor Thirteen : Cathedral  )

Floor Ten: Fishes )

Floor Six: Forest )
09 June 2012 @ 07:09 pm
Character(s): Xellos and just about anyone.
Setting: ANYWHERE. Xellos is porting/wandering anywhere he can to get a "lay of the land" as it were. He could pop up anywhere you please, just please indicate where.
Format: Starts prose, will follow whatever.
Summary: Xellos exploring~
Warnings: Nothing yet.

Read more... )
31 May 2012 @ 05:05 pm
Character(s): Nanoha and anyone.
Setting: Dorms
Format: Begins prose, will follow any.
Summary: Nanoha finally gets up and has a look around.
Warnings: None, yet.

Dorms: Room 2-11 )


Dorms: Hallways )
22 May 2012 @ 04:08 pm
[ This is...probably backdated... (18-19th ballpark?) ]

Characters: Filia, open!!
Setting: All over the dorm floors, eventually room 1-05.
Format: Action or prose.
Summary: Filia dreamed that she'd been eaten by a spider but HA HA that can't be possible, by the way Miss Lina you are the worst friend ever.
Warnings: Talk of being eaten, idiocy.

DORMS (unspecified)

That is Filia taking very angry steps (okay, stomping) through the floors of the dormitory, stopping at each room to read the names of its inhabitants. She looks upset.

You probably don't want to engage. ]

ROOM 1-05
Lina Inverse
Sayaka Miki
Yuffie Kisaragi
Feferi Peixes

Lina Inverse
Sayaka Miki

Lina Inverse

A-ha! ]

Miss Lina! [ Knock. Knock knock knock. ] Miss Lina, are you here?
Characters: Lina and Spidermom in one thread, otherwise totally open.
Setting: Random hall on the 18th.
Format: Prose to start, will follow if you prefer action.
Summary: Lina's just wandering around and grousing, and will encounter Vriska's lusus on the loose. However, I'm also open to other threads happening here before or after her run-in with Spidermom.

All this magic and she'd trade it all for a big can of Raid. If she knew what Raid was. )