09 August 2012 @ 06:22 pm
Characters: AU!Ganon and YOU
Setting: just outside his room (1-16)
Format: Action. My brain for prose is gone today. 8(
Summary: Ganon realizes he's not where he expected! ....And is not amused...
Warnings: Stubborn, hard-headed hero version of Ganondorf. Brain breakage might be ahead!

*Be careful walking down the first dormitory floor's hallway. You'll probably risk being hit by a suddenly-opened door when a red-headed boy that can't be older than seventeen storms out. Destroyed? Yeah right. That's a lie. And Ganon has a good idea of who wrote that note, too. He's still buckling on the chest strap that holds on his very familiar looking sword.

The same sword that's usually only held by the various Links in the tower.

Ganon wraps the...scarf?...that he uses to shield the desert sun from his face around his neck, hiding his collar, and turns to start looking for a way out. Or the person responsible for this badly planned trick. He's certainly not going to be stuck in this tower. Not if he can help it.*