15 September 2012 @ 02:56 am
Characters: The Persona casts and invited guests (just ask if you want to hop in!)
Setting: Media Level, September 15th
Format: Whatever suits your fancy!
Summary: So the Shadow Event was Hell (haha), a few of them grabbed some booze from various sources(?!), so iiiiiiit's PARTY TIME~
Warnings: Somehow srs discussions in one thread and underage drinking in others? I don't even know, man.

Get this part started on a Saturday night... )
13 August 2012 @ 06:04 pm
Characters: Minako Arisato and Shinjiro Aragaki; open for others
Setting: Random place until Minako finds Shinji.
Format: Either or.
Summary: It's Shinji's birthday, and Minako wants to celebrate with him. Shinji is feeling the loss of Akihiko being gone. BACKDATED TO THE 11TH.
Warnings: Half fluff, half angst. It should stay PG13.

with many more to come...? )
13 August 2012 @ 01:01 pm
Characters: EVERYONE
Summary: The tower is shaking and something wicked this way comes...Use this log for all evacuation purposes.

[There so little time and so much to do. Now's the time to spring into action!

((OOC - Set up evacuation logs, rescue attempts, etc. If you can, make sure you mark down the time of when a specific thread is happening due to the events unfolding.


August 13, 1:40PM EST - All superhuman powers nearly nullified; technologically based powers halved in power. Monsters currently flooding upper levels, lowest levels not yet entirely infested.

August 14, 3:45AM EST - Powers return, but are unstable; they flicker in and out and the strength varies wildly. It's hard to tell if you'll get a full-strength blast or next to nothing.

August 14, 12:20PM EST - The Tower has been completely swarmed with monsters down to the Eighteenth floor. Powers are more stable now, although there may be occasional flickering of ability.

The monsters are tearing up floor thirty-three, ruining the farmland and anything growing on it. The monsters are smashing everything in floor twenty-seven, which makes for a lot of broken glass and mixing chemicals that probably shouldn't be so carelessly combined.

August 15, 9:10PM - Powers have returned reliably, though the actual power is now a bit unstable, with the lights prone to flickering. Anyone who has died will now begin to revive in the infirmary, which is guarded by a swarm of retrieval units. This is the first time the actual returning process can be seen--one retrieval unit appears from a cramped elevator and deposits the unconscious, previously dead person on one of the beds. They revive soon after, with the appropriate amount of sleep paralysis.

The monsters have swarmed down to floor five. They are ruining everything in the workshop not bolted down and some things that are. CDs, DVDs, and televisions are being smashed in the media room.

August 18, 1:30PM - The remaining monsters have been eliminated.))]
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Characters: Ryoji and Minato [OU] and Minako
Setting: The Cathedral
Format: Action because I'm lazypants.
Summary: Ryoji wakes up from his dreams and needs some time alone. What he gets are run-ins with the two people he doesn't want to see right now.
Warnings: Mentions of death. Also strong language maybe?

As you're standing at the edge of your life, what do you remember? Was it all you wanted? )
03 August 2012 @ 06:04 pm
Characters: OU!Minako Arisato; OPEN
Setting: Random hallways, music room
Format: Action this time around, please!
Summary: Minako's checking up on her dreaming friends, doing night patrol, and playing music. All the while quietly worrying.
Warnings: Should stay PG13.

we're in for a long ride )
27 June 2012 @ 03:42 pm
Characters: Naoya Toudou, Eikichi Mishina, Shinjiro Aragaki, Naoki Kashima (Demi-Fiend) and viewers like YOU.
Setting: Various! June 27th to July 6rd (I have permission from Mel to do this so if you want to post once your dudes are done the June event, feel free to do so!)
Format: Starting in prose, but I'll follow you if you want to do action.
Summary: Naoya, Shinjiro and Naoki continue to try to survive in the tower for the rest of the month - meanwhile Eikichi finally wakes up and keeps morning the fact his other half didn't come with them...
Instructions: Pick a character, pick a place where you want to meet them and let the CR roll!
Warnings: Considering who is involved it could turn ugly once in a while.

[OOC - These are meant to be log starters - if you have other ideas or other places you want them to meet, by all means please do so, I would love that as well. Also, if you tag with Shinji you may also get a Minako as a bonus! It's like a 2 for 1 deal on Purse Owners!]

Shinjiro Aragaki )

Naoya Toudou )

Eikichi Mishina )

Naoki Kashima⇌Demi-Fiend )
 Who: Hei [OU] and Minako Arisato [OU]
When: 5/22; night
Where: Floor 11
Summary: Hei tries to kill a Deathclaw in a subtle manner...too bad someone ruins it for him.
Rating: PG-13 for violence

It's time get down and bloody! FIGHT! )
Characters: Shinjiro and anyone else who wishes to interact with him
Setting: Various locations! Fabulous prizes!
Format: Any is fine; I'll follow your lead (I started in prose but do action if you want!)
Summary: A guy who goes around places trying not to think too much about the maze and what happened there.
Warning: SMT is suffering. Persona 3 is suffering.

DORMITORIES - Backdated to the first day after awakening (Locked to Jin) )

LEVEL 32 - FLOATING ISLAND (no powers) )






10 May 2012 @ 05:48 pm
Characters: Ghirahim ([personal profile] lordoffabulous) and his roomies; then whoever else finds him.
Setting: Dormitory Room 1-02 (early morning) -> the workshop floor (floor 15; early afternoon), all post-labyrinth shenanigans
Format: Starting in action, which'll be faster, but feel free to use prose. (I'll be a bit slower.)
Summary: Nightmares suck, and Ghirahim isn't the flawless untouchable demon he wishes he was. Worrying about the only thing he cares about abandoning him ensues, and maybe some sobbing into his knitting sewing to occupy his mind.
Warnings: Skyward Sword megaspoilers? AND GHIRAHIM IS HIS OWN WARNING APPARENTLY? Even when he's sad.

[Room 1-02] )

[Workshop floor] )
Current Mood: sad
Characters: Yu and anyone else who is interested in group therapy...
Setting: Dorm 2-2 →Floor 14 → Floor 22 → Everywhere but the music floor for more than PMMM reasons.
Format: Any is fine; I'll follow your lead
Summary: Just a protagonist, seeking his social links...
Warning: Do I even have to warn about SMT shenanigans and them equating to suffering?

Can you tell me it's over now? )
30 April 2012 @ 01:19 pm
Characters: Cloud and YOU
Settings: starting on floor 3 room number 08 and working on down to the cafeteria
Format: prose but open to all styles
Summary: Cloud wakes up, has a panic attack and then goes exploring
Warnings: none really

If I can't be forgiven, then everything can disappear )
27 April 2012 @ 07:18 pm
Characters: Majora and YOU
Setting: Everywhere!
Format: I will match you!
Summary: Majora's pride got her killed by the monster on Floor 24. And now, she's angry. Very angry. Time to sling a few curses around.
Warnings: Majora being angry and cursing people. (Please fill out her permissions!)

Curses upon curses )
25 April 2012 @ 01:46 am
Characters: OU!Minako Arisato; OPEN
Setting: Floor 38 (Lounge); Floor 10 (Aquarium); Floor 6 (Forest)
Format: Either or.
Summary: Minako's wandering, getting used to the Tower. Training will happen in the forest.
Warnings: None really. Will probably stay PG13.

let's leave a trail of shadows behind us )
19 April 2012 @ 07:36 am
Characters: Issun and whoever runs into him!
Setting: Floor 32, on one side of the forest.
Format: Action because I'm still lazy.
Summary: Issun makes a make-shift shrine for all intents and purposes, and kind of monologues to himself.
Warning: TOWER OF SADIMUS: A PUNCH TO THE FEELS. Also known as Issun's going to make everyone cry (SOMEHOW????).

Hey there, Furball. )
18 April 2012 @ 05:22 pm
Characters: Yuri and anyone who runs into him
Setting: His room, floor 38, then going down - so basically everywhere!
Format: Prose to start - I'll match you.
Summary: Yet another newcomer to the tower...
Warnings: Some mild swearing, and possible fighting.

Let's go! )
18 April 2012 @ 01:22 am
Characters: Eikichi (Michel) and whatever poor sap would like to talk with him.
Setting: And floor, all the corridors, day and night, it's all up to you, he'll be running around.
Format: I started in prose, but you can pick a style, and I'll match it!
Summary: Eikichi finds himself in the tower and everything is terrible.
Warnings: Eikichi is a warning onto himself.

What would you do if your world was already doomed? )
17 April 2012 @ 06:57 pm
Characters: Minami and anyone who finds her
Setting: Floors 25, 27, 28, and 38,
Format: Whatever the commenter prefers
Summary: Minami's been exploring the new levels and gets into shenanigans.
Warnings: None at the moment. Might change as things progress.

It's time to explore! )
17 April 2012 @ 03:38 am
Characters: Ryoji and OPEN!
Setting: Floor Six (The Forest), Floor Twenty Two (The Art Gallery)
Format: Action
Summary: Ryoji's taken it upon himself to explore a bit - and maybe get a little practice in.
Warning: Possible violence (depending who tags him/how threads go), gore, mentions of death.

The Forest. )

The Art Gallery )
Characters: England and you!
Setting: Floors 5, 15, 28, 29, 33, and 35 specified -- wandering to all the other places!
Format: Starting action, will match.
Summary: England explores the new floors, stops by some old ones, and is reminded of a few things he may have been avoiding.
Warnings: Probably language; mentions of aquaphobia, genocide, and alcoholism; potentially England getting drunk and being an idiot; nation woes. Will edit for anything else.

for never-resting time leads summer on )

a liquid prisoner pent in walls of glass )
13 April 2012 @ 06:26 pm
Characters: AU2 France and YOU
Setting: Floor 28
Format: Either
Summary: Francisca explores and decides to relax with some music.
Warnings: none yet

Intermezzo )