21 February 2013 @ 11:38 pm
Characters: characters selected to go into the elevator
Setting: the admin levels
Format: any
Summary: The admin elevator has been left open, its destination preprogrammed. Where is it going to take you?
Warnings: general horror warnings for now

The elevator doesn't announce itself when its doors slide open. )

Characters: Felix and Sheba
Setting: Floor 25
Format: First unless you really wanna use third.
Summary: Sheba is still under the influence of the music and wanting to protect Felix. But today, Felix heard a tape and is suddenly about to feel quite scorned and hurtful. This will not end well...
Warnings: Apparent reciprocation of the fandumb obsessing, followed by cruelty and character death. Because we've waited this long to be awful.

Oh, did you think I meant you? )
17 February 2013 @ 08:55 pm
Characters: characters participating in the Little Finger game
Setting: a riverbank at night in a dream
Format: any
Summary: It's time to search
Warnings: general creepiness and horror warnings

ROUND ONE (complete): mingle | search
ROUND TWO: mingle | search

Round Setting Information )
Characters: Sheba, Felix, and anyone they happen to encounter!
Setting: Beginning in Felix's room (03-12), and then continuing on to the cafeteria (1st floor), the aquarium (10th floor), the music room (28th floor), and the beach (62nd floor).
Format: Action, if only for the sake of responding quickly. /nodnod If you'd really prefer another format, we can match!
Summary: Ever since hearing that strange sound from those oddly-shaped tape recorders, Sheba's had the strangest feeling that she needs to go keep an eye on Felix... and that she needs to make it absolutely clear to the others in the Tower that Felix is under her protection. Forcible dragging of a Venus Adept soon commences.
Warnings: This thread has the potential to get really creepy really fast, depending on how the effects from the tape recorders play out. Also, the tape recorder Sheba hears will cause her to slowly shift into the "Oh, Felix! <3" kind of mindset fandumb seems to think she has by default, so I apologize for that. I'll edit this as more specifics pop up. | NOTE: Though Felix and Sheba will default to responding to whoever tags in together, if your character wants to talk to just one of them at a time that's fine - just indicate it in your comment with "Felix only" or "Sheba only"! (Also there may be a few hours where I don't respond at all because I'll be afk tonight so feel free to pretend Sheba's in the background and just interact with Felix once I leave; Sheba will jump back in when I return!)

Room 03-12 - Closed to Felix )

Floor 01 - Open )

Floor 10 - Open )

Floor 28 - Open )

Floor 62 - Open )
24 January 2013 @ 10:17 pm
Characters: Sheba and Felix, with handwaved Asch interaction.
Setting: Handwaved that it began on dormitory floor four, by Asch's room, and then continued on down to the pool on the seventh floor for easy access to cold water and changing rooms.
Format: Action tags? Yeah, action tags. I'm lazy. I'll switch if you want to, though!
Summary: Sheba needs some help getting bloodstains out of white fabric. Who better to ask than Asch the Bloody? Surely he'll know what to do! And hopefully he can get it done before certain people start asking awkward questions like, "Why is there blood on your clothes in the first place?" But even Sheba's luck can't hold out that long... can it? Apparently not, because when she comes back to check on her clothes, she finds someone else entirely!
Warnings: Handwaving (with permission), slow tagging because ahaha I keep getting busier than I expect to be, etc.

It's not like I went looking for trouble, except this time I sort of did. )
15 January 2013 @ 09:26 pm
Characters: Sheba and anyone who happens to not be Sheba!
Setting: Room 3-12 (sorry Felix and/or his roommates, she came to visit) | Floor 40 | Floor 32 | Floor 05
Format: I'm just playing "follow the leader" over here - you pick~
Summary: Sheba's been here for thirty years now, and is going about her day - which means letting herself into Felix's room, rummaging around for some things she put away, having a snack, and making plans to wreck some shit around the tower. Same old, same old.
Warnings: Sheba's a snoop and is totally unrepentant about reading peoples' minds unless they happen to be her close friends. This has only gotten worse in the thirty years or so that she thinks she's been here.

Felix's Room )

Floor 40 )

Floor 32 )

Floor 05 )
10 January 2013 @ 02:03 pm
Characters: Felix and anyone who wants CR before the event
Setting: Floor 3 | Floor 4 | Floor 10 + Anywhere else you may wanna be (in no particular order)
Format: Your choice!
Summary: Despite his guilt over destroying the world, Felix is back to checking this place out
Warnings: I consider this to be canon.

Floor 3 )

Floor 4 )

Floor 10 )
06 January 2013 @ 02:48 pm
Characters: Oz Vessalius and you!
Setting: Floors 22, 25 and 3
Format: Starting action, but I'll match!
Summary: Oz gets his Indiana Jones hat on and... wanders aimlessly
Warnings: N/A

wherever he was thrown he came down soft )
Characters: Felix and anyone that isn't Felix
Setting: Room 3-12 > Dorm Floor 3 > Floor 1
Format: The post is brackets, but I will follow you!
Summary: Felix just took the final step in his quest to save his world from definite destruction even though it also may destroy the world. Then he woke up here. Oops...
Warnings: Nothing at the moment.

Room 3-12 )

Dorm Floor 3 )

Floor 1 )