Characters: Avenger and OPEN to all.
Setting: Dormitory levels, elsewhere and then the first floor, the seventy-fifth floor, and the twenty-fifth floor.
Format: Action spam to start with.
Summary: A typical open log for this month.
Warnings: All the Evils' in The World is present in this post which is a warning by itself, along with grossness/gore and blood in the first prompt? Also the expected fare for the Tower of Animus.

yearning and laughing, the screaming of the angry )
the moaning of the dying, everything was entwined and entwisted )
was interwoven a thousandfold )
and all of it together, all voices, all goals, all yearnings )
05 April 2013 @ 04:48 pm
Characters: Illya and open
Setting: Floors 83, 25, 12, 3
Format: Action Spam
Summary: Illya takes a long walk as she sorts out her feelings regarding her mother leaving and Shirou's sudden appearance.
Warnings: None

Floor 83 )

Floor 25 )
Floor 12 )
Library )

04 April 2013 @ 08:41 pm
Characters: Ayaka Sajyou and you, maybe!
Setting: Room 1-07, then elsewhere.
Format: Any!
Summary: A stranger explores a strange land.
Warnings: Aside from Ayaka being Ayaka, none.

Even someone like me can choose to keep going. )
03 April 2013 @ 09:17 pm
Characters: [AU7] Waver Velvet, OPEN
Setting: Dormitory floors, fourth floor, random floors.
Format: Action
Summary: Waver searches for her family, sulks around as Wavers do, and then explores a little.
Warnings: May include monsters etc. I'll update accordingly.

Dormitory floors )

Floor 4 )

You pick! )