28 June 2012 @ 11:27 pm
Characters: Marty, and Open
Setting: Floor 38, morning of the 28th
Format: Either or
Summary:  He's working at the makeshift lab/food bar on Floor 38.
Warnings: Breaking of the Space Time Continuum.

The pancake batter was getting a little on the thin side, but that didn't deter the teenager as he prepared it for cooking in the automatic pancake maker. Marty tried really hard to stretch out their supplies, and while he was really grateful the power was back on which meant less monsters hanging around (and to be honest he was still a little mystified monsters actually existed, let alone all the other stuff he'd seen since being here) he hoped it meant that the cafeteria was going to come back too.

What was going to happen to the Pancake Stand (as he liked to call it) if that happened? It was fun, if.... different, getting to know the people that came for pancakes and cooking the food they brought. Still, he was getting pretty tired of pancakes.

Giving the machine the last bit of batter, Marty took off his makeshift apron and walked over to flop down on a sofa, a book nicked from the library in hand, while the machine did its work. He'd get to the coffee later, if they even had any left, but it was still pretty early and he didn't expect anyone to show up just yet.

Characters: Sayaka Maizono AND YOU!
Setting: Initially room 2-03, eventually in various spots around the dormitories on all floors.
Format: I'll be doing action brackets, but anything goes.
Summary: Girl wakes up, girl freaks out, girl goes exploring.
Warnings: Warning for Dangan Ronpa spoilers!

keep the area clear )
26 June 2012 @ 02:13 pm
Characters: Karkat Vantas (AU) and YOU
Setting: Any floor
Format: Action tags pls
Summary: Karkat's back in the tower, but he's short circuiting just a bit thanks to his traumatizing death experience.
Warnings: Usual Karkat warnings apply.

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25 June 2012 @ 07:48 pm
Characters: Futomimi and you!
Setting: Room 1-18 to begin with, moving to floor 10 afterwards
Format: Either
Summary: Futomimi discovers sleep paralysis and fishes. Not together.
Warnings: None so far.

Room 1-18 )

Floor 10 )
25 June 2012 @ 05:23 am
Characters: [personal profile]Rhyth, her roomies, and whoever else runs into her!
Setting: Monday Morning: Room 2-15 -> Media Level -> Everywhere Else (afternoon)
Format: Action.
Summary: Another rudie arrives but this one has to adjust to her environment first...
Warnings: Possibly monsters, language, graffiti. Your character may get run over as well if not careful. Otherwise I'll add as they pop up!


[ ooc: Edited this a bit to reflect info on Monday morning, namely the return of power. ]
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